Is your business ready?

Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the UK economy but they face unique challenges.  They are traditionally under-funded, under-managed and under-resourced.  SMEs are not just competing for business; they are also competing for talent.  This is particularly important when they want to grow the company.

A capacity for growth in UK businesses is essential if they are to face the rigours of global competition.  Britain has many internationally competitive companies, but we have a lack of medium sized businesses with the capacity to grow and explore markets across the globe.

Increasingly the ability to compete domestically requires exposure to international markets and the key conditions for growth are also those which are necessary to compete effectively:

Ø      access to finance and how you manage your capital

Ø      recruitment, retention and motivation of skilled labour, management and leadership

Ø      the technology and know-how you apply to produce and deliver your products and services

Ø      your relationship with the external market

Ø      the capabilities of your organisation, i.e. the structures and systems

The factors which inhibit competition are also barriers to growth.

It is at this stage that they need to demonstrate to potential investors that they have an appropriate business plan and a strong management team who can escalate the business from a 'one-man' or 'family' band to a progressive, viable and stable business. 

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